Smoky bacon homemade curing kit

Smoky bacon homemade curing kit

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Stop cooking with watery, shop-bought bacon and try curing your own proper dry-cured bacon at home with this award-winning kit!

This Eco-friendly curing kit is a great beginners kit for anyone looking to learn how to cure their own proper dry-cured bacon.  The kit uses traditional artisan methods of drawing the moisture out of the meat, which stops the watery texture that you usually get with shop bought bacon. 

Includes three different curing mixes – just add the pork.

Product information:

Kit includes:  3 x curing mixes – original (15g), sweet (25g) and smoky (20g); 1 x muslin; 1 x butcher’s hook; instruction’s booklet; gloves; sealable bags

Does not include the pork - pork belly from your local butcher or supermarket is recommended and you'll need 500g per curing mix

The whole bacon curing process takes 7 days, but only needs 30-60 minutes preparation time

You'll need to find a small space in your fridge to hang the bacon; you can use any sort of part in your fridge that will allow the bacon to hang; the back of the fridge, the side door or the shelves is recommended


Sweet cure (25g) – salt, demerara sugar; preservatives:  sodium nitrate

Smoky cure (20g) – salt, sugar, smoke flavouring; acidity regulator:  sodium carbonate; preservative:  sodium nitrate; antioxidant:  sodium ascorbate

Original cure (15g) – salt, sugar; preservatives:  sodium nitrite; antioxidant:  sodium ascorbate

Gluten-free, dairy-free, suitable for vegetarians

Contains no nuts, egg or soy

Allergens:  none

Cure up to 1.5kg of bacon with three different flavours

Super easy process – the initial steps only take 30 minutes